#12 1/2 Hog Combo

$319.00 USD
#12 1/2 Hog Combo  This is the mother load of pork greatness! Our Half Hog combo is the biggest and best variety of pork to offer. From our Famous breakfast sausage to the meaty rack of ribs this bundle has it all. We created this combo over decades ago with the traditional butcher hog in mind. Our #12 yields the same great cuts, quality and service a freezer hog would without the hassle. The 1/2 hog is perfect amount for smaller family and or freezer. However if your'e feeding a larger family or filling a freezer you may always add Quantity X2 in your cart for a whole hog combo. Our #12 is for sure the best and fastest way to fill your freezer with quality pork Period!        

Included in Bundle #12
(16)   4 oz. Boneless Pork Chops
(4)    32 oz. Boston Shoulder Roast
(6)    16 oz. Fresh Bulk Sausage
(24)   4 oz. Sausage Patties
(10)  12 oz. Smoked Bacon
(1)    10 lb. Boneless Smoked Ham